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Epson WF-C5xxx/M52xx/M57xx Maintenance Box

  • Brand Epson
  • Compatible Devices Printer
  • Compatibility Options Compatible
  • Maintenance box

ZMW 749 ZMW 2,250

Epson WF-C5xxx/M52xx/M57xx Maintenance Box

The Epson T6716 WF-C5/M52/M57 Maintenance Box keeps your printer running smoothly and helps prevent nozzle clogging. The maintenance box is designed to store waste ink and is perfect for helping WF-C5xxx M52xx M57xx printers achieve maximum performance. Compatibility: WF-C5xxx/M52xx/M57xx.

The Epson Maintenance Box T671600 is an indispensable supplement for your Epson printer. This special cartridge keeps the print heads clean so they are less likely to need replacing. As a result, your printer will last much longer.

Features of the Epson T6716 WF-C5/M52/M57 Maintenance Box

  • Maintenance box for WF-C5xxx/M52xx/M57xx
  • Keeps your printer running smoothly
  • Prevents clogged nozzles




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