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Hisense 86” Advanced Interactive Display

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Collaborative interaction
  • Powerful Architecture
  • Anti-Glare
  • Smooth Touch
  • Screen transmission
  • Intuitive controls
  • Tempered Glass
  • Comfortable viewing
  • Smooth and speedy processing

ZMW 136,800 ZMW 150,500


Hisense Interactive Digital Display’s deliver unrivalled performance and value. They combine the power of a digital display, tablet, electronic whiteboard and video conference device to deliver the ultimate all-in-one display solution. Interactive Digital Boards have been designed to facilitate market leading knowledge sharing in both business and educational environments. They are touch enabled and have multiple users them at once to present, illustrate and share information.

Digital Whiteboard

Hisense’s WR Interactive Digital Boards have been designed to facilitate inspirational knowledge sharing in both business and educational environments. They are touch enabled and multiple people can use them at once to present, illustrate and share ideas and information. Creating a collaborative, communicative and interactive atmosphere that will make user-groups thrive.

Wireless Casting

Besides connecting your laptop through regular cabled methods, you can also connect with one touch using the included dongle. Plug it into your laptop and the content will instantly show on the board through fast and stable transmission (supports iOS / Android / Windows / Mac). Or choose for even less effort and connect your smartphone or tablet using the hotspot function of the Interactive Digital Board.

Video Conferencing

Hisense’s WR series has certified its compatibility with mainstream video conference software, such as Cisco Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, to bring you an integrated remote video experience. No need to set up eliminating a waste of time to set up or change input on incoming calls, breaking the time and distance restrictions, opening an efficient meeting anytime and anywhere depends on what you want.

Way Split Screen

During a meeting two files can be shown, compared, switched, zoomed, turned or annotated at the same time. And besides supporting two-way mirroring and two-way touch Hisense’s WR series also enable four-way Split Screen. This will allow up to 4 devices to present simultaneously so everyone’s ideas can be shared
1080P Transmission – Transfer Delay 65ms Transfer Distance up to 15m 30FPS Transmission Supports 5GHz ban

Key Features

Smooth Touch

The built-in whiteboard app allows users to smoothly write, draw and erase information on-screen through touch, either by hand or with a stylus pen.

Collaborative interaction

The touchscreen recognises up to 20 touches at once which is ideal for simultaneous use by meeting participants.

Smooth and speedy processing

The open Android 8.0 platform not only guarantees smooth processing, but also supports the installation of Android-based application.

Comfortable viewing

Each of our Interactive Digital Boards has a filter to effectively reduce blue light so your eyes remain comfortable even when using the screen for longer periods of time.

Immersive Sound

Thanks to embedded dual-channel Dolby sound the Hisense WR series will give their users and audiences a cinematic audio-visual experience.

Tempered Glass

Hisense’s WR series have heat treated tempered glass preventing any damage to the touch panels.


Optical technology diffuses mirror-like reflections and bright lights to help keep what’s on your screen clear and visible.

Powerful Architecture

Expect unstoppable performance by an octa-core processor and 3+32GB large memory.

Accurate as analog

The IR software precisely recognizes touch points as little as 2 mm making it as accurate as the experience of writing with pen and paper.

Intuitive controls

With your fingers you will, among other things, be able to switch between tasks, annotate content from any source, make handwritten notes, zoom in / out and undo changes.

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