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Oraimo – Wireless Keyboard Kit – (OF- KK30)

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wireless Connection
  • Quiet Designed Keystrokes
  • 104-key Full-Sized Keyboard
  • Strong Key Structure
  • Easy Plug and Play

ZMW 440 ZMW 500

Material: ABS
Key number: 104 Keys
Keystroke: 3.5±0.3mm
Operating voltage: DC 3V
Battery: 2’AAA
Transmission distance: 8M
Application and compatibility: Windows 2000/ WindowsXP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Mac
Indicator function: Num Lock. Caps Lock. Low Battery Warning
Full key conflict-free: Support

Number of keys: 3
Work type: Optical
Battery: 2’AAA
Application and compatibility: Windows 2000/ WindowsXP/ Vista/ Windows 7 /Windows 8

  • Wireless KeyboardKit oraimo OF-KK30 Review: Definitely, one of the most important parts of any computer that can be very important for users is the quality of the mouse and keyboard and their smoothness.
  • The speed and accuracy of keyboard typing is very important, especially among programmers, and this item can speed up the work and, as a result, increase the quality of the users’ work.
  • Oraimo company, which carries out a major part of its activities in the field of designing and producing electrical appliances and all kinds of gadgets, has always tried to serve its customers with quality design
  • Power supply: Like all wireless mice and keyboards, AAA batteries are used to power Wireless KeyboardKit oraimo OF-KK30. This keyboard has two AAA batteries and the mouse has one AA battery. To save as much as possible on battery consumption, you can charge your batteries and use them again by getting rechargeable batteries and a battery charger.
  • Connecting the keyboard and mouse to the computer: You can easily connect your mouse and keyboard to your system by using a Bluetooth USB dongle. You don’t need any additional accessories to connect Wireless KeyboardKit oraimo OF-KK30. And this keyboard kit will be easily connected to your system.
  • Important features of this keyboard kit: One of the most important features of Wireless KeyboardKit oraimo OF-KK30 is its quietness compared to other keyboard kits in the market, which multiplies the pleasure of using it for you. Oraimo company has used the softest buttons in the design of this keyboard so that when typing and using the keyboard, the letter you want can be typed and written with the smallest gesture.
  • Like the keyboard, it has been tried to use two soft buttons and a silent wheel in the design of the mouse. This keyboard has two special bases that by opening them, you can bend the keyboard slightly forward to make your typing easier