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Toshiba Internal HDD :: L200-1TB-54RPM SATA-2.5″ – Laptop

  • Brand TOSHIBA
  • Hard disk form factor 2.5 Inches
  • Hard disk size 1 TB
  • Hard disk interface ATA

ZMW 1,199 ZMW 2,899

Toshiba Internal HDD :: L200-1TB-54RPM SATA-2.5″ – Laptop 

The 2.5-inch L200 1TB Laptop PC Hard Drive is designed for everyday laptop users and gamers – and it’s ideal for boosting and upgrading the storage capacity of your laptop PC or games console by up to 2 TB – with up to 128 MB buffer. Toshiba’s Dynamic Cache Technology can further enhance access performance. Available in capacities of up to 2 TB, the L200 puts the renowned durability and reliability of Toshiba technology to work in your notebook or game console.

Use for:

  • Notebooks
  • Game consoles
  • External enclosures


For a large upgrade in a small device, the L200 HDD is capable of adding up to 2 TB to laptops or game consoles, for quick and easy access to large gaming files, or everyday documents and media. It comes with up to 128 MB buffer.


The L200’s design includes an internal shock sensor, ensuring none of your data is lost. In addition, ramp loading technology means that when the hard drive, game console or notebook are being transported, the drive slider does not make contact with the disk, making your data more secure.


Toshiba’s Dynamic Cache Technology, a self-contained cache algorithm with on-board buffer management, optimizes how the cache is allocated during read/write to provide the high-level performance demanded by real-time domains.


The data read/write access sequence performance is further enhanced through innovative techniques to minimize head movement and disk revolutions. Optimized data access sequence helps improve performance and minimize mechanical workload from the drive.