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Toshiba Survillence HDD – S300 8TB 7200RPM

  • Brand Toshiba
  • Hard Disk Form Factor 3.5 Inches
  • Hard Disk Description Mechanical Hard Disk
  • Compatible Devices Camera
  • Hard Disk Size 8 TB
  • Hard Disk Rotational Speed 7200 RPM
  • Read Speed 1 Bytes Per Second

ZMW 4,899 ZMW 9,499

Toshiba Survillence HDD – S300 8TB 7200RPM

Designed for 24/7 Surveillance
The S300 is designed to run reliably in demanding surveillance environments, supporting workloads* of up to 180 TB per year (7) and MTTF of up to 1 million hours (8) to help keep your security system running 24/7.

Optimized Performance
Record and stream high definition videos at lightning-fast speeds reliably with up to 10TB (1) storage capacity – allowing you to store more high definition footage and more high quality frames per second. The S300’s large cache size (up to 256 MB)* and fast data transfer speed (up to 248 MB/s (9))* help minimize frame loss and improve video playback.

Scale with your Security System
The S300 is designed to support up to 64 high definition cameras (10)*, giving you the flexibility to upgrade and expand your surveillance security system in the future. With up to 10TB (1) storage capacity, you can store more HD videos, enabling longer data retention on fewer number of HDDs.

Built to Last
The S300 utilizes RV sensor technology to compensate for the effects of vibration from adjacent drives or cooling fans in a multi-bay enclosure. It is designed to operate in a wide temperature range and maintains durability even in harsh operating environments.